Supplier Attraction

If you are looking for potential suppliers and are interested to get to know better their possibilities and price level for any kind of product or service you are searching for, we will introduce the list of relevant suppliers according to your needs and requirements and help you save your time and money from screening best potential partners. We will:

  • Identify the relevant suppliers
  • Introduce your request and requirements to potential suppliers in the target market
  • Set up a business meeting with best fit supplier and help you understand cooperation possibilities with him

Market Research and Analysis

Market research projects support companies with specific market insights vital for their strategic decision making and strategy. We will:

  • Create a market overview, discover key economic drivers and trends
  • Analyze specific industry developments and competition
  • Identify sales channels into the market and key customers
  • Compare several markets and suggest most prospective

Sales Partner Attraction

We will introduce your company to potential partners in your target markets, identify sales leads, and set up sales meetings. We will:

  • Identify the right sales channels
  • Introduce your product to potential partners and clients in the target market
  • Arrange business meetings with potential sales partners and clients in the market
  • Make all the practical arrangements for an excellent visit

Market and Sales Lead Monitoring

We gather fresh market insights into the main developments of your clients, competitors and industry trends in your strategic markets. It helps you to stay up-to-date, take strategic decisions and act. We will:

  • Identify which information is relevant for you to monitor on an ongoing basis 
  • Gather information from local sources across several markets
  • Summarize and deliver relevant business information to you in a compact format

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